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'Lilium' (meant to mean 'fortress') started as a solo-project of Pascal Humbert, 16 Horsepower's bass player. Under this moniker he made the album "Transmission Of All The Good-Byes", a mainly instrumental creation, which was released in 2000. Lilium now is a duo-project after 16 Horsepower drummer Jean-Yvez Tola joined Humbert. As a double act they have released one album, "Short Stories", which came out in 2003.

Lilium promo picture. Pascal solo/seule and Tree (not Ms. Humbert)

Pascal Humbert when "Transmission Of All The Good-Byes" was released:

"In 1984 I began writing music besides my other band projects and in a way that is when Lilium started. Also that name had been stuck in my head since I was a child. But it was in 1995, while living in the Mojave desert, that it became clear and important to bring all the musical bits and pieces mostly stored in my four tracks to light. From then on, I kept adding more compositions. Making the first album was a very slow and personal process, many good-byes had to be made."

"I am currently working on the second album that will include some work in collaboration with friends."

Humbert worked on "Transmission Of All The Good-Byes" from 1984 until 2000. The album was released at the end of October 2000 on Glitterhouse Records. Catalogue number GRCD 509. It can be ordered from their mail-order service.

CD Cover of Transmission Of All The Good-Byes CD Cover of Transmission Of All The Good-Byes

A humerous part from the Glitterhouse-website about Pascal Humbert signing to their record-label:

"Völlig bekloppt, kann man doch nicht machen, wer soll´n das kaufen ... das sind einige der Argumente, die uns auch selbst eingefallen sind, als es um das instrumentale Soloalbum eines französischen Bassisten ging. Drei Dinge fallen da direkt negativ ins Gewicht: kein Gesang, Bassisten sind wie Linksaussen und dann ist er auch noch Franzose (was jetzt nicht rassistisch gemeint ist, es ist nur nicht unbedingt verkaufsfördernd. Aber die Franzosen gehen ja auch nicht zimperlich mit uns um)."

Or in English: "Completely pixyish, you simply can't do that, who will buy this - those are some of the arguments, which occurred to us as well, when it concerned the instrumental solo album of a French bass-player. Three things directly carry negative weights: no vocals, bassists are like left-wingers and on top of that he is French (which is not meant to be racist, is just not really sales improving. But the French also don't treat us gingerly.)."

Lilium II - Glitterhouse promo picture Lilium II - Glitterhouse promo picture Lilium II - Glitterhouse promo picture

"Short Stories", the second album is a co-operation between Pascal Humbert and Jean-Yves Tola and features guest appearances from among others David Eugene Edwards, Daniel McMahon and Tom Barman.

CD Cover of Short Stories CD Cover of Short Stories

"Short Stories" (GRCD 583) was released in Europe in June 2003 and can be ordered through Glitterhouse Records. In August 2003, Twist & Shout Records released the album in the US with three bonus tracks with original music for the short film "The Rain Has Forgotten Us", directed by Mary-Lyn Chambers. In June 2004 Glitterhouse released a DVD-A(udio) version of "Short Stories".

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