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As of April 7, 2005: 16 Horsepower has split into Lilium and Woven Hand, click for their views.

Music from the old world, the new world and another world.
Anno 19 March 2000 A.D. Latest update 17 November 2007 A.D.

Welcome to Thank You For Clapping, a 16 Horsepower and Woven Hand site from the old world for the old world, the new world and other worlds. From the quaint little queendom of The Netherlands, where 16 Horsepower was more popular than wooden shoes, we bring you articles, interviews, reviews, setlists, pictures, MP3's, videoframes, news and more.

Want to see what happened on tour? When, where and what did they play? Track the Tour Trails. For all the news straight from the horse's mouth (or thereabouts) go to HorseMouth. Follow their lifeline through the biography and discography. Want to talk with other, erm, Horseheads visit the Saloon. Just click on the self-explanatory images below.

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