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Jay Munly

Jay Munly, accomplished musician, author, and actor offers his best work to date with this fourth solo album, Jimmy Carter Syndrome. You may know Munly best from his work with Slim Cessna's Auto Club, one of Alternative Tentacles highest selling bands of the past decade. Although Munly writes songs for the Auto Club and acts as a singer and guitarist in the group, his solo work leaves the twang behind and presents a sound more reminiscent of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and 16 Horsepower.

J.Munly in the Clogger-video

J.Munly in the Clogger-video

Slim Cessna and Jay Munly at the Bluebird, 06-01-01
Jay Munly, the giant - from this camera angle anyway - dancer from 16 hp's Clogger video and one of the frontmen of Slim Cessna's Auto Club.

Denver, CO is home to the best music scene of bands labeled Alt-Country or Dark American Goth (even Jello Biafra will tell you so), and Munly is the evil heart and soul to the scene in Denver. Joining Munly on JCS, are Rebecca Vera, John Nichols, members of Tarantella, Devotchka, half of Slim Cessna's Auto Club and half of 16 Horsepower, most notably on "Dar He Drone" in which David Edwards, frontman of 16hp, provides vocals. Not a bad follow up cast of musicians from his previous album, which featured vocals by Patrick Stewart.

JCS is much more than an Alt-Country album, it is a dark, sometimes scary story, covering themes from a love song about a sambo, to tales of girls with no belly buttons, drinking goats milk straight from the breast, full of enchanting lyrics like, "I'll hang your cattle, I'll bleed your pork, I'll shave your chickens, and I'll piss on your porch." Munly sings of themes that Nick Cave is not capable of having nightmares about, and backs his tales with cello, violin, fiddle, zither, banjo, and female vocals.

Early 2002 witnessed the publication of Munly's first book, Ten Songs With No Music, a collection of short stories (although most aren't short). This follows previous publications in literary magazines and children's stories. (Munly also works as a camp councilor for young children in the summers) Look for Munly's 5th solo album later this year, as well as a new release by Slim Cessna's Auto Club.

Front Cover of Jimmy Carter Syndrome Back Cover of Jimmy Carter Syndrome

Listen to a couple of snippets from the album through RealPlayer.
These are not downloads, just parts of the songs to give you a first impression:

My Darling Sambo
The Denver Boot
Dar He Drone *

* Guitar and vocals in co-operation with David Eugene Edwards.

"Jimmy Carter Syndrome" was released in the USA in February 2002.
At this point in time you can order it directly through Smooch Records, Denver, Colorado, USA.

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